The Key (Guardians of Time) (Welsh Edition)-Marianne Curley

  • Title: The Key (Guardians of Time) (Welsh Edition)
  • Author: Marianne Curley
  • Released: 2005-05-19
  • Language:
  • Pages: 250
  • ISBN: 1582349533
  • ISBN13: 978-1582349534
  • ASIN: 1582349533


From School Library Journal Grade 7 Up–This conclusion to the trilogy opens with a meteor shower brought on by the wrath of the evil immortal Lathenia. Various meetings, quests, skirmishes, arguments, and love tiffs lead up to a final battle. The protagonists are the Named–teens and their mentors who are the champions of the forces of good. They spend most of the book wrangling with one another over who is allowed to love whom and who might be a traitor while very little time is spent honing the ill-defined powers that they have all recently received. Among all of the mystical journeying there is only one obvious example of time travel–two of the teens save Captain Cook's expedition that will discover Australia. The titular key opens a secret cache of weapons that are supposedly linked to the powers of each of the Named, but it isn't ever clear what that connection is. The armies of darkness aren't all that frightening and the battle feels more haphazard than climactic. Other than brief references, the book relies entirely on familiarity with the earlier volumes for understanding the causes of action and all other background. The characters never really develop and the dialogue borders on being overwrought. The constant action may appeal to fans of the earlier volumes. For everyone else, recommend the works of Garth Nix instead.–Eric Norton, McMillan Memorial Library, Wisconsin Rapids, WI
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From Gr. 8-11. The Guardians of Time Trilogy concludes with members of the Named--young adults with extraordinary gifts--facing an epic showdown of good and evil, with humanity's future at stake. The Order of Chaos, led by power-monger Lathenia and her cohort Marduke, seems stronger than ever, commanding meteors, rats, and armies of the undead, while attempting to change history's course via time traveling. As the Named's members complete initiations into the Guardians, there's another snafu: it seems one of them is a traitor. The group battles foes and issues of trust and time, as an ancient prophecy nears realization. Matt and Rochelle's alternating, present-tense first-person narratives add suspense to an engrossing, if not dense, read, driven by detailed descriptions of a dizzying array of magic devices, events, time periods, and settings. Given the extensive backstories developed in previous titles, readers familiar with the series will be the most comfortable audience here, as well as the most willing to overlook the rushed conclusion and a few inconsistencies in the story. Shelle Rosenfeld
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