Graphic Design Solutions-Robin Landa

  • Title: Graphic Design Solutions
  • Author: Robin Landa
  • Released: 2010-01-26
  • Language:
  • Pages: 480
  • ISBN: 0495572810
  • ISBN13: 978-0495572817
  • ASIN: 0495572810


Review In my opinion, the most challenging aspect of teaching a graphic design course, particularly an introductory course, is a student's understanding of the "visual." Ms. Landa's text tackles this difficult task handily by offering straightforward solutions for building sound design fundamentals, and for thinking conceptually about those devices in our culture - human attitudes and visual identifiers - that marry an audience with the "visual." Richard Rex Thomas, St. John's University

The most difficult aspect of teaching my graphic design course is to get students to see visual imagery as opposed to consume the visual cultural images. Many times students are not looking beyond the name or the produce to see effective communication and design. The design is almost transparent to them. When it is transparent then it is effective. This book brings the reader through all aspects of visual communication and breaks down that transparent element so the reader can understand the essential contents of a communicative piece. Paula DiMarco, California State - Northridge

I try and find texts that match the pedagogy of my classes as well as books that I would have wanted to read/study/keep when I was in school. I would have kept this book for reference, inspiration, and portfolio/job search information. Eric Chimenti, Chapman University

About the Author Robin Landa holds the title of Distinguished Professor in the Robert Busch School of Design at Kean University of New Jersey. She is included among the teachers that the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching calls the "great teachers of our time." Most recently, Landa was a finalist in the WALL STREET JOURNAL's Creative Leaders competition. Professor Landa has won numerous awards for design, writing, and teaching, and is the author of 12 published books about graphic design, branding, advertising, and creativity, including GRAPHIC DESIGN SOLUTIONS (Wadsworth/Cengage), ADVERTISING BY DESIGN (John Wiley & Sons), and DESIGNING BRAND EXPERIENCES (Wadsworth/Cengage). pdf